The holiday buying period in North America comes with tremendous chance for retailers and consumers to finish the year with a bang, but it is also among the richest hunting seasons for internet fraudsters invading your email inbox with "phishing" schemes.Based on Adobe Analytics, Americans are estimated to spend $5-billion (U.S.) online on Black Friday and $6.6-billion on Cyber Monday, and overall online spending for the holiday period could top $107.4-billion.That adds up to plenty of confirmation Read more [...]

Canada's biggest bank is linking global technology giants in preparing a research laboratory in Montreal to benefit from the city's developing artificial intelligence experience.The Royal Bank of Canada will start a Borealis AI lab in the new year, linking labs in Toronto and Edmonton. It expects to have 10 researchers on employees in the first year of operation.RBC will combine Silicon Valley technology heavyweights such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft, along with Samsung and other international Read more [...]

Bell Media is confirming marriage reports that it is laying off workers at radio and TV stations across Canada.Spokesman Matthew Garrow states in an email that an unspecified number of workers were advised last week their jobs could end because of reorganization designed in part to address declines in advertising revenue.He also affirms the company is "phasing out" certain sportscasts and famous anchors because of "evolving audience behavior," without being specific about where or who. Read more [...]

Just when you think there is too much television content, there is more.Earlier this month, Apple officially announced it would be creating two first scripted series. One is not exactly original. It is a revival of the Steven Spielberg-produced anthology series Amazing Stories. The next is, however, definitely new and a sign that Apple intends to spend large, attract known celebrities and create a very noisy entry to the TV-content enterprise.That new show does not have a name but it's two declared Read more [...]

EBay Inc. is eyeing Toronto as a possible hub for an artificial-intelligence "center of excellence," as the company looks to gain an edge in an increasingly competitive digital trade marketplace."There is really a booming beginning of an ecosystem around AI, and AI is extremely important to our firm," eBay president and CEO Devin Wenig told The Globe and Mail this week. " ... Google's put down some stakes Facebook's put some stakes down here, so we're looking at if that is something we'd do too."The Read more [...]

Sexy Montreal artificial-intelligence startup Element AI was exploited to advise a global AI fund managed by three Korean industrial giants.Element, co-founded by University of Montreal professor Yoshua Bengio, a pioneer in an area of AI called "deep learning," isn't investing any money in the $45-million (U.S.) fund, which is bankrolled by Element investor Hanwha Corp., in addition to South Korean conglomerates SK Telecom Co. Ltd. and Hyundai Motor Co.. An Element spokeswoman said the initiative Read more [...]

A smaller share of Canadians are happy with their work-life equilibrium than eight decades back, a period where smartphones and the internet have become deeply embedded in the everyday life of people under 75, a new Statistics Canada reportnbsp;notes.The findings, drawn from 2016's General Social Survey, suggest that although Canadians are broadly pleased with the way technology has changed their lives, they might feel that some elements of electronic technology have penetrated too far to the domesticnbsp;world.Fully Read more [...]

Rodolphe Barrangou has a double perspective on the largest biological breakthrough to come along in a generation.As a scientist who spent a decade in the food industry before taking up his present position at North Carolina State University, he helped to detect CRISPR (pronounced "crisper"), the acronym for a natural molecular defensive system which bacteria use to chop up invading viruses. Other scientists immediately picked up on that finding and repurposed CRISPR as a gene-editing tool which Read more [...]

It turns out there's something on which Republicans and Democrats can agree: Facebook Inc. should grow up. In 13 years old, the world's biggest social media -- with 2.07 billion monthly active users, a stock exchange worth of $517-billion (U.S.) and earnings that are quickly approaching $1-billion a week -- is a really wealthy, powerful, secretive teenager. Unexpectedly, it finds itself being called to account for how it's using this power, and for the way that it frequently fails to stop Read more [...]

Sexy Montreal artificial intelligence startup Element AI has scored its third high-profile hire in the last month, recruitment former IBM chief innovation officer Linda Bernardi to combine because its chief product and strategy officer.The Seattle-based Ms. Bernardi follows Denis Therien, McGill University's former vice-principal of research and global relations, and Valérie Bécaert, former manager of partnerships with Montreal's Institute of Data Valorization, who combined Element AI last month.The Read more [...]